Frequently Asked Questions

We are open 6:30 AM – 6:00 PM. We ask that children are dropped off by 10 AM. We do not recommend children getting dropped off during nap time.

Yes, we accept subsidy.

Please see more information and if you qualify at

Families are responsible for the application and renewal of subsidy and are responsible for fees that are not covered by child care subsidy.

Nutrition is one of the cornerstone values of what our center offers our children and their families. We offer a full meal plan including snacks and a hot lunch. Parents are recommend to provide meal for their child with special diet plan (if program cannot accommodate the alternate food)

We follow Alberta’s early learning and care framework, “Flight” and “Emergent” Curriculum. Our program is child-led and based off our observations of the children. Their actions and ideas are reflected back into the environment, materials, and activities within the centre. Our image of the child dictates the way we run our programming and set up our environments and routine.

For more information on the flight framework please visit: and Emergent Curriculum | Early Learning Centre (

The children at our program get opportunity to outside twice a day for minimum one hour weather permitting. In nice weather outside time is not limited to only one hour as long as the same indoor programming is reflected outside. We are outside in all weather conditions and families must provide clothing to prepare the children for this. We provide Muddy Buddies.

We will keep children inside if:
There is poor air quality that will affect the children
The UV is too high
There is thunder or lightning
The temperature with the windchill is under -15 for the infants and -18 for the rest of the other age group.

Children nap in all rooms under 5 years of age.
Cots and sheets are provided by the centre and blankets provided by the families are washed weekly at the centre.

Children generally sleep well in the classrooms. We usually see shorter naps until children adjust to sleeping in a new environment.

Children who do not sleep or do not fall asleep are given activities to do on their beds or at a table.

All educators have a child development certificate (assistant, worker, or supervisor) and we encourage professional development and further education. Majority of our educators are Child Development Supervisors. All educators have child care first aid and CPR, criminal record checks and child intervention checks.

For more information on certification:

Families are communicated with daily in face-to-face conversations and interactions.
Emails and phone calls are also used.

A main way of communicating to families is through a communication app called Hi-Mama (subject available at particular location). We are able to send messages, provide pictures throughout the day and send a summary of their day at the end of the day that includes feeding, diapering, and activities.

Children are required to be potty trained before entering the sunshine room (3 years – 4 years). Exceptions do occur for medical and developmental reasons.
Educators are fully capable and supportive of potty training within the chick (1 – 2 years) and sharks (2 – 3 years). We do not force children to sit on the potty, but naturally choose to as they watch their peers. Educators work with families to potty train and follow the lead of the parents. Being consistent and following routines help the educators and families potty train.

We provide free transitional visits into the program. We always encourage families to spend time within the classroom with their child to allow the child to have a trusting relationship present while building new relationships with the children, educators, and space. The transitional visits usually start with a parent attending and for a short period of time during a free play period. The time spent within the program grows as the child does more visits.

We provide transportation to all neighboring schools. Please contact the center director for more information.

Our Upcoming Day-care:- Emerald park/manning & Emerald park/Griesbach